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A resume helps to portray the career profile of the candidate and prove him eligible for the job opportunity. This is true in case of all job seekers - student or experienced. However, it would be wrong if I say that the nature and method of drafting a resume for all job seekers is the same. Since the work profile of a student is distinct from that of a professional, the resume too shall be drafted differently. The strengths and weaknesses of every job seeker are different from the other. Hence, it is important to draft a resume that is customized to the job seeker's career profile. If you are a student and are drafting a resume for the first time, then here is a student resume template for your assistance.

There are some typical features of a student's career. These features need to be understood and imbibed within a student resume. It is vital to play by strength while drafting a resume. Education, extracurricular activities, and key skills are the strengths of the student. Since he has no work experience, it becomes difficult for a student to convey his efficiency in work. Hence, we have provided here a resume template for students along with a few pointers to help all students in their job searching endeavors.

Career Objective

(Utilize this section to define your career ambitions. You can write about the industry you want to work in, the kind of qualitative experience you want to gain, and how your abilities will benefit the organization. Always highlight your readiness to explore different types of work and to grab every opportunity that comes your way. Do not go overboard and boast about your ability to perform, without any work experience to back your boasting.)

Key Skills

(Mention key skills that add to your worthiness for the job. Enlist details of your knowledge and ability as relevant to the work profile in addition to basic qualitative skills of communication, leadership, and management. It is advisable to put up 6-8 bullet points for key skills. Tweak the key skills as per the requisites mentioned in the job description to enhance your chances of gaining the interview call.)

Educational Qualifications

(In a student resume template, it is preferred that educational details are provided before work experience details. Highlight all details of your master's or bachelor's degree in this section. You can mention diploma and certification courses as well. Provide details of language or computer courses you have done in addition to your basic qualifications. Write course name, university name, year of passing, and grade while writing the resume.)

Work Experience

(Since you are a student, employers don't expect you to have any work experience. But you can write about your internships, projects, or summer jobs. Mention all the responsibilities you handled and the contributions made during your internships. Mention details of your summer jobs, even if it is irrelevant to the job you are applying for.)

Extracurricular Activities

(This section is highly significant in a student resume. Extracurricular activities help to prove your qualities of leading teams, public speaking, organizing team activities, and so on. Give details of the art and sports events you participated in. It would be an advantage if you can include accolades as well.)


(Include references from your teachers or internship/project leads. If possible, take a reference letter or appreciation letter from the referrer. Provide references if requested.)

Follow this student resume template to draft a resume that successfully puts forth the career details of the candidate. Resume template is critical in proving the professionalism of the candidate. It provides a certain structure to the resume and flow to the contents. This resume template for students is crafted bearing in mind the peculiar nature of a student's career profile. We hope all students find this resume format useful in their job search.

Sample Student Resume Template 1

Student sample resume needs to emphasize the educational background and degrees earned along with additional training. It is also essential to enlist your professional experience in the reverse chronological order.

Sharon Mills
312, Main Street
Ariton, AL 545678
Phone: (123) - 78654

Objective : Seeking an entry-level position in the media & communications field to utilize my skills and experience.

Summary of Skills :

Education :

Honors :

Experience :

St. Mary Clinic, Auburn, AL

95.8 Radio Spice, Montgomery, AL

XYZ Hotel, Montgomery, AL

Computer Skills : Proficient in Ms Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.

Language Skills : Can speak write and read French fluently

Interests :

References available upon request

Sample Student Resume Template 2

You need to emphasize the education section in your student resume. Highlight the academic achievements and honors you earned to make it a high impact document. The experience section should follow the education section.

Here you can mention the responsibilities held in earlier organization. Below is one sample student resume template that you can refer to.

Steven Walker
12th South Street,
Manhattan, NY 18545
Phone: (251) 412123

Objective :
To obtain a position as a financial analyst to utilize my expertise and knowledge thereby contributing towards the company’s growth.

Summary of Qualifications :

Education :

Projects Undertaken:

Investment : Analyzed various investment opportunities in relation to return on investment Financial Management: Devised strategies to increase revenue generation and researched cost control measures


Experience :

ABC Securities, Rutherford, NY2007-2008
Proprietary Trader

XYZ Computer Store, Greenpoint, NY, 2005-2007
Customer Service Representative

References available upon request

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