Teacher Resume Template

Teacher's resume template is a brief summary of candidate's profile, major achievements, employment history and educational background. The format and layout of the resume template shall be eye-catching and well-structured.


One of the most important aspects of teacher's resume template is the relevant experience in teaching profession. Here, you need to mention your teaching experience to different age groups and subject specialization. Highlight your job titles held in respective schools. It's recommended to state your daily responsibilities and expertise gained in handling teaching roles.

Notable Achievements

Enlist the awards and honors won in your teaching career. This information would make your resume template attractive and act as indicator of your career aspirations. You can state here the new methods introduced that proved of great help to underperforming students. Also the strategy adopted that increased attendance percentage in the class can be stated in this section.


Put forth your educational qualifications and training attended in this part of the resume. Your degrees earned and names of respective college or institutions along with the academic year will come under this section. Additionally, you need to mention your skills and abilities that make you ideally suited for the job applied.

Sample Teacher Resume Template 1

In order to create an attention grabbing teacher's resume, you need to highlight you teaching experience, the core responsibilities you handled to maintain a positive classroom environment. Below is an Art teacher resume template which you can use.

Dennis Clark
885, East Street
Brewster, CT, USA
Tel. phone: (552) 585554


Dedicated and innovative teacher trained in various artistic mediums. Proven ability to build rapport with students and increase their engagement in classroom training.

Core Competencies :

Education :

Master of Art in Education
New York Arts University, NY, 2003
GPA: 3.9

B.A. degree in Fine Arts
New York Arts University, NY, 2000
GPA: 3.8

Teaching Experience

LMN Elementary School, East Harlem, New York May 2007 to present
Art Teacher

PQR Elementary School, Manhattan, New YorkJune 2003-April 2007
Art Teacher

Professional Affiliations

References available upon request

Sample Teacher Resume Template 2

A teachers' resume should demonstrate the abilities to foster positive learning classroom environment. Skills essential to increase students' involvement thereby enhancing their academic performance needs to be highlighted.

In addition, state the professional experience and educational details to strengthen your candidature for the post applied. Below is a sample secondary teacher resume template which you can use.

Carol Parker
123, Lee St E
Charleston, WV
Tel. phone: (981) 23454

Objective : Seeking a secondary school teacher position to impart quality English education

Highly talented and qualified secondary school teacher with extensive experience in teaching English at a secondary level; expert in devising lesson plans to match students' needs.

Summary of Qualifications :

Professional Experience :

St. Helena High School, Weston, WV June 2008 to present
English Teacher

ABC High School, Sutton, WV June 2007-April 2008
Teacher Assistant

Education :

Master of Arts in English
West Virginia University, Summersville, WV, 2007
GPA: 3.7

B.A. degree in English
West Virginia University, Summersville, WV, 2005
GPA: 3.5

Professional Affiliations :

References available upon request

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