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Actors are celebrities who are idolized by fans. The fame and money the top actors of the world enjoy lure several people to try a career in the showbiz industry. It is also important to get an opportunity to showcase your talent on TV, video, and commercials. To develop that chance, you need a professional actor resume. The resume will help you reach casting directors and staffing agencies. Popular and top actors have agents who handle everything from scheduling appointments for script reading, interviews, and auditions. If you have not reached to that stage of taking a service of an agent, a neat and professionally crafted actor resume will help you inch forward towards achieving that status.

As an actor, you have to enact and express the character written in the script by following instructions of the director. Whether you are playing a serious, comedy, or a psycho on the stage, TV, video, or movie, your dialogue delivery, expressions, and body language should match the character. You will also need to rehearse the role before getting on the stage or in front of the camera. A good actor is one who forget who he or she is when in front of the camera and lives every moment of the character and develops a whole new world for the audience.

Sample of Actor Resume

Kenneth R. Smith
4714 Scenicview Drive
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 425-968-7621

Union Affiliations:


A) Theater

Title Role Played Director Production Company
Merry Christmas Lead Mark Cohen Trinity Theater Co.
Seattle, WA
Golden Heart Boxer Brick Gold Liberty Theater Co.
Seattle, WA
Romeo & Juliet Supporting Brenda Lee Orion Theater Co.
Seattle, WA
Dark City Priest James Smith Sunrise Theater Co.
Seattle, WA
A Loaf of Bread Beggar Rebel Park Paramount Theater Co.
Seattle, WA

B) Film & TV

Title Role Played Director Production Company
Stalker Psycho William Maddox Rivers Pictures
Seattle, WA
Last Stand Sheriff Ryan Penick Downtown Pictures
Seattle, WA
Cranked Lawyer James Goodrich Rising Stars Company
Seattle, WA
The Last Resort FBI Agent Jerry Steele Hunting Talent Co.
Seattle, WA
The Long Night Cop Barry Howard Twins Motion Picture
Seattle, WA
The Mighty Pen Press Reporter Michael Horst TAffluent Pictures
Seattle, WA
The Ghost Ship Ship Captain William Whaley Jolly Picture
Seattle, WA

Training & Education:

Bachelor's Degree in Acting
Purple Acting Academy, Seattle, WA
Voice: Taylor Bailey
Accents: Frank Anderson

Six-Week Acting for Film Workshop: 6-week of intensive improvisation workshop for Scene Study

Special Holiday Acting Workshop: 6-week of honing action skills workshop for Improvisation

Special Skills:

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