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Some unconventional professions are meant only for those who are destined to do something extraordinary and unusual. Such professions require something special in candidates, which has to in-born. If you have that kind of genes in you and want to explore it, then an adventure career is what you need to take. However, deciding on this career needs a deep contemplation since it is not for those meek as a lamb. Nor, it is a profession that can be chosen out of impulse. You need to consider physical, mental, and emotional health for this profession, and have to strong on these fronts. Most importantly, adventure must be in your blood.

Why to take adventurous career

Adventurous careers can offer you opportunities to travel extensively. You will be visiting interesting and unexplored places. Any occupation you take that offer thrills and spills, it will give a feeling as if you are not doing a job, but what you are born for. Moreover, each day on the job will be a vacation. In a wildland firefighter career, you will fight fire in remote areas. As an adventure tour leader, you will take tourists for an adventurous trip. In a storm chaser's profession, you will follow and study storm. As a volcanologist, you will study the nature of the earth. And as a skydiving instructor, you will teach students to jump from an aircraft with a parachute. This means you can have an adrenaline rush on land, in air, and on water depending on what you prefer.

Who can pursue these offbeat careers?

Adventurous careers can be pursued by individuals who want to explore beyond the traditional careers and will not mind taking risks. Also, to do so, you must be really passionate about it and be a brave heart as there will be times when the job will raise extremely dangerous and unanticipated situations. So, it is necessary to prepare for difficult situations meticulously to handle them safely.

Further, you must have a curious attitude to seek the unknown territory in these careers. Also, you will have to maintain high fitness levels and determination to overcome any obstacles that might come across your career path. Paying attention to every detail and ability to think of quick solutions in critical situations are a must if you are planning to follow your adventurous ambitions. In addition to this, you will be required to put in a lot of physical force and hold good patience while following this dream career.

How to prepare for an adventurous career

If you are not from a military background, you will need extra preparation. No matter what adventurous career you choose, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement. If you have volunteered in any sort of rescue mission, it would be advantageous. However, you need to build physical strength, stamina, and cognitive abilities. These factors are must since people who are in good health and can endure hardship are well suited. Another important thing that you need to take an adventurous career is a well-drafted resume.

How to write resumes for adventurous career

Adventurous resumes are not like the traditional ones one use it for applying to a service or manufacturing company. Of course, they do have some common sections found in the standard resumes such as Education, Work Experience, Skills & Abilities. What makes them different from the standard ones is the “Personal Interests” section. This is where you can show your personality to the employers. Since adventurous career is not taken by someone who prefers an office job, you have to be a special person with weird interests. Under this section, you can take leverage of being creative as well as apart from stressing on your interests in doing unusual things. Feel free to include anything unique about you. For example, state that you love to play with fire and control it since being near and fighting this natural occurrence in wildland gives you a high. Or, jumping from an airplane from a maddening height and coming down to the earth at a lightening speed makes me feel complete. Further, back up your interest with an incidence that has driven you for taking an adventurous career.

Adventure Resume Samples

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