Physician Assistant Resume

Physicians assistants are medical professional who execute several surgical and no-surgical services. They are trained in doing physical exams, noting down medical histories, diagnosing and treatment illnesses, scheduling laboratory tests, counsel and educate patients, and assist physicians in surgery.

If you have completed your training in any of these following areas: anatomy, biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, psychology, humanities or social science, or microbiology, you are good to take a physician assistant career. After completing the course and gathering internship experience, you will need a resume to apply in any hospital of your choice.

Sample of Physician Assistant Resume

Bernard M. Foti
4944 Neuport Lane
Alpharetta, GA 30201
Phone: 770-360-9382

A physician assistant position in a reputed hospital where my medical skills, self-motivation, and deep urge in serving patients will help the establishment in gaining reputation.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Physician Assistant
John Dale Hospital, Alpharetta, GA
2011 - present

Physician Assistant
Daily Care Clinic, Alpharetta, GA
2009 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Health Science
Dr. Beck's College of Medical, Alpharetta, GA

Available upon request.

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