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Everyone perceives the work of a bartender to be exciting and glamorous, characterized by parties, night life, music and of course alcohol. However, those who go beyond this glitz and glamor, truly understand the efforts that go into bartending. For some job seekers it is a career choice, for few others it is a hobby. No matter how you look at it, no one can challenge the hard work that is required for this profile. Hence, in order to encourage your ambitions to work as a bartender, we have presented here bartender resume samples. These resumes will mark the perfect beginning of your successful career as a bartender.

We have seen a typical picture of a bartender in movies and press. We see a young person standing behind a bar and juggling the glasses and bottles while serving drinks. However, it is more than just mixing and serving drinks. A bartender manages all requirements of a bar. He orders supplies, maintains stock of beverages and supplies, cleans the bar, attends the customers and coordinates with other hospitality officers. An ideal bartender resume must bring out this multitasking quality of the candidate. Besides, it must highlight his knowledge of making new concoctions and preparing fresh recipes for cocktails and mock tails. Most important, he must have a flair for bartending that includes juggling glasses, flipping bottles and playing with the flaming liquors. If a bartender resume highlights all such qualifications and skills of the candidate then it will surely make him eligible for a successful career in bartending.

There are various sub-profiles within the profile of a bartender. The bartender is responsible to prepare, mix and serve drinks to the customers. In addition, there is a barback who manages the inventory, the waiters/waitresses who take order from the customers seated elsewhere and the bouncers who provide security to the bar. There may be some bartenders who may specialize in a particular variety of beverages. The skills and qualifications required for each would dependent upon the responsibilities performed by him.

This section concentrates on resumes that belong to bartender work. We have presented these resumes with the aim of helping the job seekers to understand the format of drafting a resume. It will help you learn about the skills and qualifications that ought to be represented on a resume. We have used various formatting ideas such as paragraphs, bullets, tables, etc. It is done with the purpose of showcasing different forms of writing resumes so that the writers can choose the format best suited to them.

The bartender resumes section is constructed taking into consideration all these features. The resumes have been crafted skillfully on the basis of the industry standards and current requirements of the recruiters. Job seekers can use this sample as a response to the job vacancy advertisements and apply for their dream jobs. Take the sample resume that suits you the best, make changes to it as relevant to your career profile, proofread it and submit an impressive resume to your recruiter.

With formal jobs, one needs to follow the standard resume writing rules. But with a job as exciting as that of a bartender, one is allowed to experiment and pour in some creativity while drafting a resume. Young job seekers often get away with it. But if you are seeking a senior position, then it would be wise for you to stick to the standard format.

Resume writing is underestimated by many job seekers. Do not make this mistake. A resume is highly effective in presenting the abilities and work experience of the candidate and impressing the candidate. It has the potential to make your career. Hence, give enough time and attention to your resume and make an impressive resume that stands out from the crowd. We hope that all job seekers aiming for a bartending profile find these bartender resumes useful.

Sample Bartender Resume

Checkout our sample bartender resumes below :

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