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Clerk is a title that is widely used since an ancient period. During that period, clerks used to work for Catholic churches, and noble and royal families. The title was referred to those who kept records of important event, documents, and details of income and expenses at that time. This part of the job description has remained the same even now, but with slight modification and diversification. Today, this title practically exists in every possible employment field. To make it job-specific, this title is either used with a prefix or suffix such as legal, sales, banking, medical, front desk, typist, billing, data entry, hotel, etc.

Jobs for people interested in clerical position are in plenty. No company or organization can function without clerks. Schools, hospitals, public and private sectors, and non-profit organizations require people who can help in running daily operations. Education for the clerical position will differ according to the field, and hence so does the job responsibility. However, you must be good with computer, accounting, and communicating.

Tips to write clerk resume:

Resume Sections
The skills required for clerical position will depend on the field you are applying to. However, there are some sections that would remain common on your resume. They are personal information, job objective, professional experience, education, training & certification, awards & achievements (if any), and reference. These headings must be bold for easy reading.

The contents of a clerical resume will be according to the your specialization. If you are applying for a legal clerk position, your job objective and summary of skills will not match with a billing clerk position. Hence, while searching for resume samples on the internet, use “legal clear resume sample.” Reading as many samples as possible will enable you to get the hang of the resume. You can easily describe your objective that goes with the skills and experience.

Your skills summary may have some common abilities required in other clerical jobs. They are communication, computer, and interpersonal. However, do not just copy the way these skills are described in the sample resumes. Be creative and use your own words to communicate them.

The experience section should engage the readers and help them relate with their needs. Include the clerical duties you have handled in the past employment, and are taking care in your present job. Describe your working with the office staff, supervisor, and manager. Add information about handling phone calls, maintaining records, operating photocopier and fax machine, etc.

The education section should describe your qualification. Include your training and certification in this section or use another heading. However, for awards and achievements, you have to use a new heading since this section will boost your selection for the interview.

Since there will be several sections to be included on the resume, you must ensure that the layout is as good as the contents. Avoid underlining and italicizing words and sentences. Even bold sentences should be used sparingly. To add information under each section, use bullets. The ratio should be one bullet per task. See that your finish describing your skills and experience in maximum 8 to 10 bullet points.

A clerical position is very crucial for organizations. You will be drafting letters, emails, and replying to customers' request, queries or complaints. To perform these tasks, you must be good in grammar. If you could not communicate properly what is intended, it may create misunderstandings. Hence, to show that your communication skills are good, check the resume for grammar and spelling mistakes before sending it.

These tips for drafting a resume for clerical position will help you impress the employer. Remember, the resume should be neat, clear and job-specific. You can even include your similar experience of working in hotel or a grocery shop. Don't add irrelevant experience to lengthen your experience section, which will backfire.

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