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Developer is a title referred to the people associated with the real estate, photography, music, cosmetic industry, etc. However, the first thing we reckon with this word is the software or IT industry. As there are several niches in the IT industry, various categories have been made under the developer title. For example, you can work as a software developer, web developer, video game developer, etc. All these positions need specific programming skills or knowledge of computer languages. Therefore, each developer resume will be different based on the candidate's experience and skills. However, key sections or headings in the resume may be the same. Here are the instructions you will need to draft your resume for a developer position.

Format of Resume for Developer Job Profile

Personal Information:

This is what you will start your resume with. You have to provide your name, and contact information to give an identify to the resume. Moreover, this information will help the employers to locate you quickly, in case they like your profile.

Objective/Career Summary:

You can either go with a job objective or career summary since some employers prefer the former one whereas others the latter one. If you are including the former one, ensure that you have mentioned your experience, primary skills and the important things you will do for the company. Also, you must not write a paragraph to describe your objective. Conclude it in one or two sentences.

Career Summary is totally different than job objective. You can use a paragraph to describe your experience, strengths, skills, and personal traits that are necessary in the job. Don't create long sentences. Use full stop or semicolon to transit from one sentence to another.

Technical Skills:

You must use this section to describe your technical skills. The skills required for a developer job may vary. Some skills may also overlap. So list your skills based on the type of software-development job. Include programming languages, database and software programs, operating systems and scripting languages that you have used and gained proficiency in.

Professionals Skills:

Besides technical skills, you can use this section to describe your personal strengths that can be used in the job. Since developers work with or lead a team, you can add your abilities to work as a team member or work as a leader. Communication skills, interpersonal skills, flexibility, ready to travel, etc. are other positive traits that can make your resume stronger.


In this section, mention about your work and the different tools you have used. List the companies you have worked with in reverse chronological order. Include the name of the organization, location, and the dates you were with each job.

Highlight Projects and Achievements:

Since software development is project based, highlight the type of projects you have worked on. Describe the kind of initiatives you took and added value to the work. Mention the type of clients you worked for such as insurance, automobile, banking, education, weather forecasting and others. If you have received any special awards or appreciation for your contribution in accomplishing the project, mention it.

Education and Certificates:

A degree in computer science is the basic requirement for a developer position. In addition, any special classes to learn the latest technology is also noteworthy. If you are awaiting the result, name the degree and the expected date.

These are just the instructions to be followed while preparing your own resume. However, how neatly and professionally you put your skills and experience on the resume will decide how soon you will get a call.

Sample Developer Resume

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