Modeling Instructor Resume

A finely crafted, precise, informative, and visually appealing modeling instructor resume is the only key that can unlock and uncover opportunities that wait for people possessing the requisite qualifications. With the increasing demand for professional models, demand for modeling instructors has also increased because they are the ones who mentor the aspiring models and allow them to follow the path of change that will transform them into coveted models in the future. Merely having the qualities of an instructor is not the only factor that will take you to the interview. You will have to highlight those qualifications on the resume, because only then will an employer get to know about those qualifications.

A modeling instructor is a teacher, mentor, friend, and a philosopher who has the capacity to mold and convert people into models. He or she can help aspirants develop the required attitude that make them a perfect representative of a brand. As a model instructor, a person needs to conduct classes and teach the learners about various aspects of modeling as an art and profession. He/she will not just tell them teach how to walk on the ramp or act for a project, but will also explain about the path they should take and the way they should negotiate with the model coordinators/casting directors.

Sample Modeling Instructor Resume

Chris A. Torrez
3845 Pointe Lane
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Phone: 954-868-8573

Career Objective:

I want to be a powerful resource of guidance and support to the people who aspire to become a professional model. I believe that my experience and expertise will easily fulfill requirements of a modeling instructor and help your organization achieve new milestones in the world of modeling.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Modeling Instructor
Gibson School of Performing Arts, Pompano Beach, FL
October 2015 - Present

Modeling Instructor
Harrison Institute of Performing Arts, Pompano Beach, FL
February 2013 - September 2015



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