Cost Accounting Manager Resume

The cost accounting manager resume summarizes all that you want to tell the employer regarding your qualifications for the job. This document is a unique entity that can represent all that the employer needs to know about you before making any decision regarding selecting or rejecting you for the interview. Rather than drafting it in a jiffy and weaken your chances for the selection, spare some time and use that time to learn resume writing skills, as it will payoff in the long run.

The job of a cost accounting manager is to administer the team of cost accountants working in an organization. He has to supervise their activities and check if the necessary controls are being followed/implemented in the preparation of account books. The purpose of cost accounting is to identify the production, warehousing, transport, and all other costs involved in the production and delivery of goods and services from scratch. Thus, the job of a cost accounting manager includes a wide range of responsibilities and he has to work with a lot of people and departments in order to get his job done.

The information you provide in the resume should be concentrated on your familiarity with the job requirements and the employer should be able to analyze as to how well you can perform if appointed for this position. To ensure that the employer understands what you want him to understand, provide the details of your experiences and academic qualifications that relate you with this profession. In addition to this information, do not forget to summarize the skills and technical knowledge that you possess. Keep it precise so that the employer gets a clear message and is able to take a decision accordingly.

A sample resume of cost accounting manager will show how easy it is to draft a resume for this job. You will also be able to understand the writing style and the language you need to adapt to make the information more clear.

Sample Resume

Personal information

Patrick J. Branson
2903 Roseland Drive
Detroit, Michigan 39150

Career Objective

I aspire to work in an environment that allows me to grow on the professional front by utilizing my current knowledge and experience and learning new skills that help me to sustain in a competitive environment

Professional Strengths

Details of Work Experience

Cost Accounting Manager at Moser Industries, Detroit
Working since June 2008

Job Duties

Cost Accounting Manager at Wagner Corporation, Detroit
Worked from September 2005 to May 2008

Job Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications and Certifications

Master's Degree in Finance
Columbia Institute of Business Studies

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Columbia Institute of Business Studies


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Use the sample cost accounting manager resume as a source of reference and make the necessary changes in the content to make it a personalized one.

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