Regional Training Manager Resume

As organizations adapt new technologies and systems for their operations, the employees also need to update their knowledge and skills to stay updated. The organizations appoint a regional training manager to schedule and conduct training sessions and look for employee development programs as well. Applying for this job and getting selected for the interview are possible only if your cover letter is accompanied with a perfect regional training manager resume.

As a regional training manager, a person identifies training and development requirements for various offices under a region. He has to coordinate with the human resource department in every office within the region and keep a track of the recruitment process. He leads training and development programs for new recruits and existing employees. He is also involved in developing, revising, and implementing training modules for different departments. Another important function of the regional training manager is to recruit trainers and monitor their performance and of the employees on the receiving end of training sessions.

Your regional training manager resume is your alter ego; professional of course. In this document, you need to represent the facts that define your familiarity with this profession. These facts should be written in the form of a summary, not an essay. It makes the document more reader friendly and allows him to understand the information without consuming much of his time. Once you are done with writing the resume, you can consult your friends and colleagues and ask their opinion about your resume. It will let you understand what others will perceive of your resume, and accordingly you can make changes in the content to let the reader perceive it in a positive manner.

Read the sample of regional training manager resume given below and accordingly draft your resume.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Jodie M. Sterling
289 Crosslane Avenue
Long Beach, California 56820

Career Objective

To work as a regional training manager and lead the employee development programs and other activities and help the organization grow and prosper

Summary of Skills

Details of Work Experience

Designation: Regional Training Manager
Organization: Bigelow Inc.
Duration: December 2004 to present

Job Responsibilities

Designation: Assistant Regional Training Manager
Organization: Fischer Inc.
Duration: September 2000 to November 2004

Job Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications and Certifications


  1. Stephen K. Gonzales
    National Operations Manager
    Bigelow Inc.

  2. William C. Titu
    Regional Operations Manager
    Fischer Inc.

Use the template of regional training manager resume sample to draft a perfect, personalized resume.

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