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Writing a successful resume is the part science, the part art, and the part time and the effort. Resume is the concise summary of your background; the picture of your abilities and skills.

Its main purpose is to get an interview. It must be accurate, clear and concise document which summarizes your career goal, education, accomplishments/skills and experience.

Always keep in mind that you just get one chance to build a good first impression. Never take chance on your professional future.

When applying for the jobs such as an event planner, city planner, transportation planner, or capacity planner etc., it is essential to express your logistic abilities, superior organizational skills, and grace under pressure to potential employer.

Demonstrate your skills when it comes to problem solving at your job. Always include the examples of creative work. Let the potential employer know that how much interest you had in the projects and what happened as the result of your work.

Your resume should reflect all your exclusive areas of skills, expertise as well as career milestones.

Sample Planner Resume

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