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A secretary is an administrative assistant who perform several office tasks within one job. The person has to do data entry or word processing. Secretaries also responsible for filing papers, scheduling appointments, answering telephones, and handling mails for their employers. Secretaries can be placed in government, business, nonprofit and professional organizations.

Depending on the jobs the nature of secretarial work varies. A secretary in small firms have to spend most of their times answering the phone and dealing with the mails. One secretary is responsible for all the tasks in small organization.

In the past a secretary has to do less paper work because most of the information is stored on computers. In the modern world, an automated offices have one secretary who provides services to several managers. In some organizations experienced secretaries are given the same job responsibilities as administrative assistants.

In large organizations or multi national companies there are five or more than five levels of secretaries. The top level secretaries are called as executive secretaries. Middle leveled are called as administrative or senior secretaries. Inexperienced secretaries are called as entry level secretaries and they have to work in a group at start.

When going to write secretary resume and gather all your information related to work experience, responsibilities at work and your skills. An easy way to do this is to analyze the job advertisement or job description. The advertisement contains what are the requirements of an employer, so according to their need write down your information in well format.

Begin your resume by writing functions of the secretary's role. It might include:

Also mention your skills required for the job you are going to apply. For example:After identifying the requirements of the job you can focus on the aspects of your work history that indicate your capability to fit their requirement. Also provide evidences and examples to support your statements.

Sample Secretary Resume

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