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Karate teachers are skilled in various types of fighting techniques that help them to keep fit and protect themselves against thugs. They are employed by health centers and sports facilities where they teach students the art of self defense. Some schools also hire them to teach students self defense. These teachers may be employed for part time or full time. Their role is to prepare students to learn martial arts. Besides building physical strength and flexibility in students, the karate teachers also teach them self-discipline and being patient. Since learning karate takes several months, the students have to be patient and mentally and physically strong to endure the grueling training sessions. The karate teachers will start the training session by warm-up session, and activities that help in building strength and flexibility. Once the students pass the basic level, then they teach katas or steps for punching and kicking. They will hold and monitor a free-fight or spar to check whether students have mastered the techniques perfectly or not.

To work as a karate teacher, you have to be a master in any one form of martial arts. In addition, a professional resume like the sample below is also essential to market your teaching skills.

Karate Instructor Resume Template

Manuel J. Watkins
1504 Beechwood Avenue
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662
Phone: 908-768-8984
Email: mjwatkins@freemail.com

Career objective :

To work as a Karate Instructor with “The Peak Academy School,” for full time and teach students the arts of self-defense and instill in them the elements of respect, confidence, and fitness.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Karate Teacher
ABC Sports Club, Rochelle Park, NJ
October 2015 - Present

Karate Teacher
Golden Sports Center, Rochelle Park, NJ
February 2013 - September 2015

Education: Reference:

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