Theater Acting Resume

There is a world of difference between acting in a theater and before a camera. Although acting is involved in both the cases, the modes of acting are quite different. In the theater, there is no scope for retakes, no digital voice modulations or for that matter, less digital support. It is a place, which really moulds an actor and the after effects of the technicalities learned here can be seen throughout the actor's career. This sample is a resume of an actor, who has worked only in the theater. He has also got many skills inevitable for working in the theater that makes him a unique applicant. Any visitor can unreservedly use this sample towards their own end.

Sample of Theater Acting Resume

Ross Carter,
562, Chestnut Avenue,
Manhattan, NY 47256,
(123)-456 7860.

Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 6'1"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown


Rip, Rumple and RollRed Pewsy (Lead)Monolith Prods., CA
The Lion in Winter OOBR Award WinnerMr. AllenMonolith Prods., CA
Jackie and the StringbeansCommander (Lead)Jamario Moon Players
The Emperor's New ClothesHortensio (2nd Lead)Monolith Prods., CA
Anna ChristieBlue Eyes/Oswald (Lead)Christchurch Repertory
Two Gentlemen of VeronaSandy Ensemble Studio Theater
Twelve Angry MenPaul Ames (2nd Lead)Looking Glass Theater
Alligator PassScott (Lead)Grace Theater Company
Inherit the WindCount Gregor (Lead)Riant Theater Company
La RondeHerman (Lead)Queensland Theater Co.
The StrongerMurderer/DonaldbainBlack Ent. Theater
A Carole ChristmasSoledad (Lead)Pocket Sandwich Theater
Isadora Duncan and the 12 ApostlesYoung Gentleman (Lead)NADA Theater
Henry VOrleans/BurgundySanta Barbara French Festival
Where the Snowflakes BloomMadame Y (Lead)American Theater of Actors
MacbethPJ (Lead)Pocket Sandwich Theater
The Widow's KissDemo (Lead)Pocket Sandwich Theater
Breakfast Served AnytimeJuror 10 (Lead)Frisco Theater
Giants Have Us in Their BooksThurioHarold Clurman Theater
FoolsKing Philip (Lead)Richardson Theater Ctr.
The Taming of the ShrewRaff (Lead)Harold Clurman Theater
The Werewolf of LondonBannisterLove Creek Prods.
Dark of the MoonAnnouncer Guy (Lead)Harold Clurman Theater
The Man Who Came to DinnerMat Burke (Lead)Actor's Theater of Dallas
Coyote UglyCharles Dickens (Lead)University of California
FuenteovejunaDread Pirate Roberts (Lead)University of California

Special Skills

Horseback Riding; Conversational Spanish; Volleyball; Stage Combat; Medical Terminology/Wardrobe; Tennis; Some Modern Dance; Wide Variety of Voice/Specialty Voices; Large Wardrobe/Vintage Wardrobe; Vampire Fangs; Computer Skills; Valid Passport; Weights; 2 Cats; Run; Driver's License.


Boston, Slavic, Southern, Irish, Non-Regional, English, Cockney, French


Various Studios in California
Character Development, Audition Technique, Monologues, etc.

University of California
Bachelor of Arts in Theater

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