Personnel Administrative Assistant Resume

Personnel Administrative Assistants are also called Human Resources Assistants. They play a supporting role in the personnel management or human resources activities. But their main job is to develop, implement, and oversee organizational policies. Additional duties include enforcing disclipline, resolving conflicts between workers and the management, as well as maintaining every single record pertaining to employees and related documentation.

To apply for this job, your resume needs to demonstrate multitasking abilities, proficiency in recognizing, understanding and solving problems, and strong computer, and organizational skills. It must also state the candidate's experience of providing administrative support to the personnel department, manage calender, coordinate meetings, prepare presentations, etc.

Sample of Personnel Administrative Assistant Resume

Jacob G. Geller
4339 Ottis Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: 405-954-59498

Job Objective:

To obtain a Personnel Administrative Assistant position at “ABC Company,” and provide administrative support to the personnel department, and assist in creating and implementing organizational policies.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Personnel Assistant
Initech Consulting Services, Oklahoma City, OK
April 2016 – Present

Personnel Assistant
Globex Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
December 2014 – March 2016

Payroll Assistant
Globex Corporation, Stillwater, OK
May 2012 – November 2014

Education: Reference:

On request.

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