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A person who is proficient in analysis can work as a data analyst, business analyst, financial analyst, or system/IT analyst depending on specialization. In this role, he or she will either collect, rectify, and modify data as per company's needs, or conduct detail investigation and streamline business processes with a view to enhance company business, or verify sales, purchase, and profit & loss documents and fix errors to improve company finances, or examine IT process of a company in order to make it more efficient to aid in daily productivity. No matter what field of analysis your prefer, an analyst resume that can demonstrate your skills and experience in accordance with the job requirements is essential.

Before writing an analyst resume, it is important to analyze what information to include so that your resume can be bang on the target. Just like the way you analyze your subject, do the same for knowing what employers like to read. Once analysis on employers' need is complete, it's time to consider the right format for your resume. Having a professional resume format can help in following the order on how information need to be displayed. However, the order will also depend on what type of analyst position you are looking for. If data analysis is your forte, then this resume data analyst resume sample is best to refer to.

Analyst Resume Template

Wilbert K. Espinosa
882 College View
Carbondale, IL 62901

Career Objective
Proficient data analyst with an excellent track record in handling, storing and manipulating large volume databases and extract required information for resolving business problems. Excellent business intelligence with strong abilities to perform complex analysis, explore new ideas, support business processes. Remarkable expertise in developing and implementing effective statistical information for supporting in the accomplishments of company's long-term goals.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Data Analyst
Medi-Link Inc., Carbondale, IL
October 2015 – Present

Data Analyst
ABC Company, Carbondale, IL
February 2013 - September 2015


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