Database Architect Resume

A database architect designs and implements the manner in which the data with an organization is stored in a database and how it is accessed by different parts of the system. In short a database architect is concerned with anything that determines the nature of data, its structure and the manner in which it flows. Database systems affect the reliability and availability of data on critical corporate systems. The critical nature of corporate systems requires a database architect to be an expert with database technologies, system analysis, solid programming and design. Experience is highly valued to prevent costly errors.

Sample Database Architect Resume

Albert Bellman
90th Street and Broadway
New York, NY 10027
Telephone No: 212-854-1090
Email id:


Database architect position in the well known industry where more than 5 years of experience will add value to operations.

Summary of Qualifications


Modis, Inc., Cleveland, OH
Database Architect

Winter Wyman, Rockville, MD
Database Architect Education:

University of Maryland, Rohtak, MD

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