Security Architect Resume

The job of a security architect is to maintain the security of a computer system. This is a never ending process. The security architect should understand the mind of an attacker and design the system accordingly, mere conventional designing is not enough. The responsibilities involve understanding the system, detecting present and potential weaknesses, developing measures and updating these. The recommendations include changes / improvements in software, hardware or security protocols. The architect thus keeps the system safe, updated and relevant. A degree in computer engineering or computer science is necessary and relevant experience is preferred.

Sample Security Architect Resume

Julian Botham
190 Odelia Road North East
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Telephone No: 505-843-1009
Email id:

Objective: To obtain a security architect position at the middle level with a major software company or government corporation.

Summary of Qualifications:


Knowledge Consulting Group, Alexandra, LA
Security Architect


University of California, Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Science in IT

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