Software Architect Resume

A software architect designs the structure of a computing system or a program. This includes designing software elements, the visible properties of these elements and the different relationships among them. A software architect should have a deep interest in computer systems and related technology to be able to select the right tools. He should also maintain, update and upgrade the system. A degree in computer science or related fields is necessary and, as always, experience is preferred. Software architects are recruited by software companies through campus and other types of placement and there are good opportunities for growth.

Sample Software Architect Resume

Ralph Walters
1098 Paradise Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
Telephone No: 505-897-1876
Email id:

Summary Professional Certifications Experience

Allied Healthcare Products, Inc., Avon Park, FL
9/2003 - Present
Software Architect

The World Bank, Century, FL
2/2001 - 9/2003
Lead Architect and DBA RAND Corporation, Coral Springs, FL
5/1998 - 2/2001
Senior Software Engineer Technical Skills Education

University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Professional Activities

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