Web Architect Resume

The job of a web architect is to design and implement the technical aspects of an organization's website. The web architect designs the application framework, selects the software and hardware platforms and determines the site navigation. Web architects also analyze net traffic patterns and determine system volume and, in some cases, create original web content. The main requirement is a wide knowledge, and preferably experience, in various web development languages. The job also involves understanding and implementing the requirements of the client, making communication and interpersonal skills necessary. Technical qualifications include a degree in computer science or related fields.

Sample Web Architect Resume

Roger Williams
21 North Bennet Street,
Boston, MA 02113
Telephone No: 617-227-1008
Email id: roger.williams@gmail.com


Highly talented, experienced and trained technology team manager and internet software architect with a software engineering background, a positive attitude and proven record of delivering production quality systems at prototyping speed.


Department of Education, Queensland Government
Web Architect


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Bachelor of Computer Science


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