Computer Operator Supervisor Resume

Today, when computers are the most essential part of our daily and professional lives, a computer operator also has become inevitable in any office or organization. He is the individual who looks into the operations of server rooms and data centers. Furthermore, the person who keeps tabs and supervises the computer operator is the supervisor. His responsibilities include getting the work done from the operators, checking whether they are doing the right kind of work, sending the client's requests to the operators, etc. The supervisor needs to have some experience working as an operator. This sample resume tells you how to write a good resume. Use it to make your own without any reservations.

Sample Computer Operator Supervisor Resume

Derek Holmes
473, Polar Boulevard,
Michigan, MI, 46783
(932) 940-7362

Academic Background

Computer Programming Skills

Office Supported Skills

Working knowledge of-

Professional Excellence Summary Professional background

1989- Present date: Work as the Computer Operator Supervisor at the National Bank of America, Philadelphia with following responsibilities

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