Female Computer Operator Resume

This resume sample is for the place of a Female Computer Operator. It gives ideas on how to frame a catchy resume for the mentioned profile. You are free to make use of the sample in applying for the job application. Our aim is to give a unique resume sample that will help you in crafting an effective resume template.

Sample Female Computer Operator Resume

Eva Andrew
123,25th Street, MA, 011, Boston
Cell: 132-234-9856
E-mail: eva.andrew@example.com

Career Objective:
Skilled and accomplished computer operator with extensive knowledge of operating electronic data processing systems. Seeking the position of a Computer operator where my skills and ability will be utilized for the development of the organization.


Educational Qualification:

Certification Course:

Work Experience:

ABC Network Co Inc, Boston
2005 till date
Senior computer operator

Globe Information Centre, Boston
2003 to 2005
Computer operator

Areas of Interest:

Personal Details:


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