Manager of Network Administration Resume

A manager of network administration needs both management skills as well knowledge of networking systems. Management skills, because he needs to manage the entire network along with the personnel involved. And network systems know how, since he himself has to be able to solve and guide his staff if any problems arise in the network. This manager has to provide solutions for any of the software or networking problems that might crop up in the network. This sample resume shows you the right path, guiding you along the way towards your coveted job. Feel free to use this resume once you change the requisite details.

Sample Manager of Network Administration Resume

Dante Beck
357, East Greenway,
Missouri, MO, 74395
(896) 427-4903

Academic Background

Computer Skills:

Professional background

2000- Present date: Work as the senior Manager of the Network Administration in the McPherson Manufacturing Limited, Chicago with the following responsibilities

1993- 1999: Acted as the Network Administration Head at The Doors Manufacturing Corporation, Philadelphia with following work responsibilities

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