Product Support Manager Resume

In a software company the developers develop the programs required by the clients, the testers test them and find the mistakes, if any. There are several products to be developed simultaneously in the organization. Hence there arises a need of a product support manager, who would oversee all the products as a whole and speed up the processes if necessary. The major duties of the product support manager include supervising the entire staff and professionals, procurement of all the materials including hardware and software, etc. This type of professional requires managerial skills along with some basic know how of the working of a computer and various software associated with his job profile.

Sample Product Support Manager Resume

Mark Rich
263, Kingston Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA, 32689
(895) 741-3487

Academic Background

Essential Skills:

Professional background

1999- Present date: Worked as the Product Support Manager for the Brown Software's Sales and Support, California with the following job responsibilities

1992- 1998: Worked as the manager of the user end computers at the McPherson Components, Chicago with following responsibilities

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