Statistician Resume

A statistician is an individual who earns his livelihood by using and applying the principles from statistics to the daily activities. The services of a statistician are required in a wide range of fields. Hence this professional has to be adept, at least conversant with many different fields at once. In fact, statisticians have also helped win many a wars by optimizing the personnel and the resources. This sample resume is of an applicant who has completed his master's degree with statistics as the major. He also has some experience in the field. You can use this resume for preparing your own application.

Sample Statistician Resume

Ian Cook
280, Kaisers Avenue,
Bismarck, ND, 23578
(439) 613-5480

Academic Background

Computer Programming Skills Professional Excellence Summary Professional Strengths at a Glance Professional background

2001- Present date: Worked at the data entry department of the Sweetwater Medical Institution, Sweetwater with the following responsibilities

1998- 2001: Worked at the bookkeeping department of the Hatfield Survey Associates, Cleveland with following responsibilities

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