Visual Information Specialist Resume

Visual information is the position that collects information by traveling through out the various areas by filming and photographing animals, scenic attractions, recreation activities, departmental activities, native life and many more. They build and designs photographic displays and various other audio-visual supports.

They are also responsible for producing slide tape programs, public service announcements and movie production in color and sound that includes editing, cutting, filming, music animation, sound addition, special effects and many more.

Sample Visual Information Specialist Resume

John Symond,
2837, North 32 Street,
Carlisle, YO 10283,
(650)-392 9130.

Objective: In search of a position of visual information specialties within a leading company.


Previous Work History

Department of Interior, New Jersey, NY
Worked as Visual Information Specialist

Reed and Rose Professional Trainers, New Jersey, NY
Worked as Audio Visual Collections Specialist

Other Experience:
Worked as Photographer for Pro-Med Visuals, Inc, NY

Education History:
B.A. in Audio Visual Technology, New York University, NY

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