Janitor Resume

A janitor is post who takes care of construction, such as residence, workplace, and school block. Also responsible for the other duties such cleaning, security, maintenance. So, janitor is nothing but a caretaker of construction.

The best sample janitor resume is mentioned on this page which helps you while you create your resume. This page gives detail required for the post of janitor as below so edit it as per your requirement.

Sample Janitor Resume

Peter Clerk,
Santa street, 6577
Augusta, AR 6876
(468)547 6758


An opportunity to obtain janitor position in leading construction to apply my skills, strong knowledge and experience in the development of construction.

Highlights of Qualifications:

Position Summary:
ABC Public Elementary School, Middletown, CT
Head Janitor 2000 - Present

Job responsibilities include:

The Towers Residency, Allamakee, AK
Senior Janitor (1998-2000)

Job responsibilities include:

Summary of Skills:

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