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A plumber is a technician who is involved in solving problems related to installation of fixtures for water systems, drainage and gas. Plumbing is a skill required in several places where life exists. This skill work as a lifeline for homes, hospitals, colleges, universities, hotels, institutions, and factories. The plumbing job involves installing and repairing of water, sewage, and drainage system. It also includes installation of bathtubs, wash basins, dishwashers, toilets and sinks all of these which are parts of plumbing fixtures.

Here is a free sample resume for your reference if you are looking for a plumbing job in a construction company. Copy and work on it to draft your own resume.

Sample for Plumber Resume

Robertson Andrews
4018 Tree Frog Lane
Lenexa, MO 66215
Phone: (816) 510-0630

Career Profile:
Looking for a position of a plumber to utilize my skills and experience in handling the plumbing projects of construction companies.

Core Strengths:

Diploma in Plumbing
Lenexa Technical College, Lenexa, MO

High School Diploma
Concept High School, Lenexa, MO

Professional Experience:

Ethics Plumbing Company, Lenexa, MO
2011 - present

Assistant Plumber
ABC Plumbing Works & Company, Lenexa, MO
2009 - 2011

Trainee Plumber
Apollo Hospital, New Jersey, Lenexa, MO
2007 - 2009

On request.

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