Retail Customer Service Representative Resume

The retail sector is immune to recession since it caters to the daily needs of people. As such, making a career in this industry is a good choice. While there are several jobs one can have in the retail sector, one that is particularly in demand is, a customer service representative. If you love meeting and interacting with new people daily, then you can surely make a career for yourself. The most basic thing that you will need to apply is a retail customer service representative resume. This resume will act as a medium of conversation between you and prospective employers. Though this document, you can convey your skills, abilities, education, and experience for the job. When all these job traits match up with the employers' requirements, you can definitely get an interview call. To make it possible, follow these tips to write the resume.

Retail Customer Service Representative Resume Tips

Write a Professional Summary instead of an Objective Statement

Employers these days don't want to read that the candidate is looking for a job and want to work with their company. They already know that you're looking for a job and that's why you have mailed or posted your resume. So rather than stating you want a job, write a professional summary and highlight your skills and experience for the job, and let the readers decide whether you fit the job or not. In case you're a fresher or changing your career, then go with the objective statement.

Relate your experience to employers' requirements

As a customer service representative, you might have shouldered lots of responsibilities at previous and current employment. But whether the prospective employer wants the same from you or not has to be confirmed first. If you just go on listing all your experiences that are not required, the hiring manager will not bother to read the resume. So know first what the employer wants and then tailor your experience accordingly. Let's say the hiring organization wants a candidate who can handle cash counter. If you have this experience, then include in the retail customer service representative resume.

Highlight the most important skills

As the job of a customer service representative is to interact with customers, listen to their needs, and suggest them the right products, employers want candidates with good communication skills and knowledge of retail products. Generally, they want to see these skills on the resume:

Make your retail customer service representative resume with a focus on ATS

Like other industries, the retail industry has also started using TS (Applicant Tracking System) in order to scan resumes. This saves them time and avoid the need of reading them in person. Another reason for the use of ATS is that hiring managers want to read resumes that are worth their time. So to help the ATS scan your resume, include keywords from the job listing.

Retail Customer Service Representative Resume Sample

Jack J. Hannigan
2225 Lena Lane
Meridian, MS 39301
Phone: 601-xxx-6812

Career Summary

Friendly, matured, and professional Retail Customer Service Representative with 7+ years of experience in understanding customers' requirements and suggesting them appropriate products for their daily use. Demonstrated abilities in resolving retail issues and retaining retail customers. Excellent skills in handling the entire sales floor, assist cashiers in making invoices and accepting payments from customers during rush hours. Sound knowledge of the latest trends in retail industry, and suggesting store managers on products to buy and stock.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Customer Service Represenative
Peopls' Mart, Meridian, MS
August 2018 - Present

Customer Service Represenative
Angle Home Store, Meridian, MS
March 2015 - July 2018

Customer Service Represenative
Marks' Departmental Store, Meridian, MS
April 2012 - February 2015


High School Diploma
St. George High School, Meridian, MS


On request.

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