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Preparing a good resume is a nasty task, because your resume leaves the first impression on the employer, especially if you are a Graphical User Interface (GUI) designer. Are you looking for guidance for preparing a good GUI designer resume? We are here to help you with some basic 'do's and don'ts' to prepare a good GUI designer resume and a sample of the same.

Before preparing the resume of a GUI designer, one should analyze what type of Graphic User Interface (GUI) designer's role he/she would be looking for and what type of role he/she is doing now. For example, if a person is currently working as a GUI designer on iphone or ipad, employers looking for mobile GUI designers would give preference to his/her resume.

Whilst preparing the resume, one should not forget to mention all the technologies clearly on which he/she is working or has worked on in the past. The resume should include the time duration (experience) in each organization and the team size. It should include the educational qualifications too, because GUI designing is a technical role and the employer may have some criteria regarding technical qualification of GUI designer. There are some other important details which should be included in a resume such as contact address and contact number.

If possible, one should write the synopsis of his/her experience and qualifications before giving a detailed information. When one prepares his/her resume, giving the references of seniors in current and previous companies is one of the prerequisite. This represents that he/she is a good, trustworthy employee and his/her people skills are good. It also helps to clear background checks. However, the resume should be crisp and not too lengthy.

sample of GUI designer resumes

Personal Information:

John White
22, Park street,
New York, USA.

Career Objective:

To achieve the career aspirations with creativity, innovation and hard work

Summary of Skills:

Professional Experience:

Strawberry Technologies, New York
January 2010 - Present
Senior engineer - GUI design
Team size - 6


Banana Technologies, New York
November 2005 - January 2010
GUI designer
Team size - 5


Technical Skills:

Educational Qualifications:


  1. Robert Smith
    Senior Manager - UI design
    Strawberry Technologies
    New York, USA

  2. Creig Black
    Managing Director
    Banana Technologies
    New York, USA

We hope that this resume will help you to create your own GUI designer resume. Resume writing is a skill and one should write his/her resume in such a manner that it would hide his/her flaws and enhance the plus points in his/her career. For example, if educational qualifications of a person are not so attractive, but his/her GUI practical experience is really rich, then in that case, one should write the experience part should come first and educational qualifications should be at the end of his/her resume. Similarly, if a person has wide experience in different technologies and techniques used for GUI designing in various applications and his/her experience in years is less; in that case he/she needs to elaborate the technologies and techniques used for GUI designing before writing the years of experience. We wish you the best to prepare a perfect and good resume that suits your career profile.

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