Junior Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic designing is a challenging career profile. It is for those who have sharp designing skills and an innovate mind. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that several job seekers are keen on making a career at this position. If you boast of impressive artistic skills and are interested in this profile of a graphic designer, then this template is sure to help you in your task. We have given here a junior graphic designer resume template to assist the job seekers in their resume writing tasks.

Several organizations aim at communicating with the customers for promoting their products, services, ideas, etc. These organizations aim at spreading their message by way of visuals to explain the message thoroughly and to create maximum impact. Graphic designers help these organizations in this task. A graphic designer is expected to give shape and color to the organization's message. It may be for print or web media. Based on the features of the products/services to be promoted, the graphic designers develop suitable pictures, graphs, templates, slogans, etc. They develop rough sketches during the planning stage. Once the plans get finalized, they use computer aided technology to draw these designs and create the graphics. A junior graphic designer makes valuable contributions by coming up with unique designs and developing them into graphics by using the designing tools.

Junior Graphic Designer Resume

Riana Meyers

Contact Details

Address: 19S, Robertson College Street, New York, NY 69982
Contact Number: 677 - 895 - 4715
Email Id: rianameyers@example.com

Career Objective

To acquire a job as a junior graphic designer and contribute in designing appealing visuals for print and web media. To gain experience of working in teams and handling all project functions.

Career Summary

Have an experience of 4 years in graphic designing. I began my career in October 2008 as a trainee graphic designer. After 6 months of training, I was promoted as a junior graphic designer in April 2009. In this span of time, I have worked for magazines, books and websites. Mostly, I got an opportunity to create graphics for promoting products and services. In another project, I was asked to create visuals for certain episodes from books. This experience has broadened my knowledge in graphic designing.

Work Experience

The main responsibilities handled are:

Primary Responsibilities

Secondary Responsibilities

Technical Skills

Additional Skills

Educational Qualifications


Susan Bones
Project Leader
Bluebells Media Firm, New York
699 - 202 - 4745

This junior graphic designer resume presents an impressive template for drafting a resume and presenting a career profile for job search. We hope you find this template useful and that it helps you make a resume.

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