Multimedia Developer Resume

A multimedia developer is a person who specializes in creating and manipulating graphic images, sound, text, animations and video to create multimedia programs. These programs are used to produce multimedia presentations, CD ROMs, entertainment products, website products and information kiosks. One can look for a profession in multimedia as instructional designer, graphic designer, sound editors, author-based programmers, online producer, web programmer and multimedia content author. Multimedia developers can work in software development companies, marketing and advertising firms, commercial organizations, government agencies and educational institutions.

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Sample Multimedia Developer Resume

Harrison Jones
Oak land, Mchingham
121 New areas, near Business Mark tower
Home: 13325-54987-78945
Cell: 0265-5987-3265
E mail: Jones.harrison@ business

Career Objective :
A skilled and creative multimedia developer with five years of experience in generating interactive CDs training. Expertise in graphic designing, flash developing, designing interactive tests, animated graphic content and marketing demos. Seeking a challenging position in a reputed organization.

Professional Experience:

Web solutions and corporation Co, NY, 20XX till date
Multimedia editor

Emcure New Techno solutions, Boston, 20EE to 20EE
Multimedia developer

Global Communication center and development, Boston, NY
19XX to 20XX
Flash Developer

Educational summary:

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