Web Designer Resume

Web designer is the person who is responsible for layouts, visual appearance of websites. Web designers use their technical skills and graphic designs skills to design the web sites. They communicate with the clients and customers to find out the necessity, leading competitor and the target for audience. They use coding languages such as HTML, DHTML, SQL, Asp.net, CSS, JavaScript, Flash Scripting and many other to create websites.

The candidate applying for this position needs technical skills along with creativity. This field needs creative work to attract customers and clients. They are responsible for managing and coordinating the sites and make sure that the web sites are accessible for all groups. They test the function of sites in different browsers.

Sample Web Designer Resume

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(123)-456 7890

Objective: Seeking for an excellent and challenging position in Web Designing.

Computer skills:

Previous Work Summary:

The Siemon Company, Watertown,
Web Designer

Philadelphia, PA
Graphic Designer

B. S. in Computer Science and Applications, New York University

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