Ambulance Driver Resume

An ambulance driver carries out the challenging task of safely and promptly transporting injured, assailable, victimized, disabled, and elderly individuals to and from hospitals, infirmaries, daycare centers, rehabilitation areas, and other clinical facilities. Along with adept driving skills and profound knowledge of road laws, highway codes, and route maps, the driver is expected to have a confident and cordial personality with the ability to stay calm in serious emergency circumstances.

A masterly and skillfully crafted resume possesses the capability to influence the initial job offer. It takes good research, formal and errorless writing, preciseness, and patience to mount the document to a supreme level.

Sample of Ambulance Driver Resume

Robert P. Harper
1304 Irving Place
Los Angeles, CA 11743
(631) 988 4018

Qualification Summary:
To take up the responsibilities of a dedicated and practiced ambulance driver and contribute my skills, training, knowledge, and vast experience to the effective execution of well-timed and efficient emergency and health care services.


High School Diploma, 20XX
University of California, CA

Work Experience:

Ambulance Driver, 20XX - Present
California Health Care Service, CA

Ambulance Driver, 20XX - 20XX
Medic Health Care Center, CA

CA Ambulance Driver's License (ADL)

Areas of Interest:

Reference: Andrew S. Martin
Ambulance Driver Recruiter
National Emergency Care Center, CA
(135) 546 9807

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