Heavy Truck Driver Resume

Heavy truck drivers make use of tractor trailer or heavy trucks to shift various types of commodities, goods, and materials over intercity or interstate routes in conformation with the relevant state and federal regulations and laws. Besides loading and unloading the cargo, the drivers have to secure authorizations for the delivered goods and accept new orders (if any) from the clients. In order to avoid accidents and damages to goods, they are needed to perform mechanical examinations for their automobiles before and after each scheduled journey.

Apart from proficient driving abilities and good knowledge of local routes, the job candidates should acquire an intended and strategized resume to pose a ceaseless impression on the hiring authorities. Vague and general resumes broadly do not last long!

Sample of Heavy Truck Driver Resume

Jeffrey D. Rodriguez
3718 Rainbow Road
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Job Objective:
To obtain the position of heavy truck driver and employ my knowledge and interest in the field as an integral role towards the growth of the organization.

Core Strengths:

Educational Summary:
Bachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics, 20XX
Art Institute of California, California

CDL Class A, California

Professional Experience:

IAP Transport Group, California
20XX - Till Date
Heavy Truck Driver

Wagner Mobility Corporation, California
20XX - 20XX
Heavy Truck Driver

Randy R. Chaffee
XCE Logistics Associates, California
Heavy Truck Driver

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