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A job as a financial analyst requires solid finance skills. To grab one, you will need a great financial analyst resume that can make you appear different than other applicants. To achieve this feat, all you need to do is concentrate on what the employer's needs as well as plan and apply effective strategies to show how you can fulfill them. Additionally, you need to pay a little attention on what the employers expect to read in a financial analyst resume. Generally, they prefer to see your technical and soft skills along with achievements in the work experience section. In fact, the work experience section of your resume must project you as a skilled candidate who can reduce costs and improve the company's finances.

Technical skills for a financial analyst resume

Since financial analysts work with a large amount of data comprising numbers and figures, the most essential technical skills that need to be mentioned in the resume are: mathematics, economics, and business. To demonstrate these core skills, you can showcase your proficiency in cost accounting, data validation, corporate finance, budgeting, asset management, or risk management. As the job also requires financial analysts to be competent in the use of computer applications, stating skills in MS Office suite, MSAccess, SQL, SAP, and other latest financial and database software is also necessary to demonstrate technical skills.

Soft skills for a financial analyst resume

Due to the involvement of numbers and figures in the financial analyst job, companies expect to see these soft skills in the resume:

Financial Analyst Resume Sample

Steve D. Tyler
985 Jett Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 310-xxx-6003

Professional Summary

Self-motivated, confident, and professional Financial Analyst with 6+ years of experience in budgeting, risk management, planning and implementing effective strategies for reducing costs and improving company's finances. Strong technical skills and soft skills to collect, analyze, and manage quantitative data and present reports capable of changing the fortune of the company. Outstanding abilities with statistical analysis, accounting, and forecasting.

Technical Skills

Soft Skills

Work Experience

Financial Analyst, Los Angeles, CA
March 2018 - Present

Financial Analyst
Mutual Bank, Los Angeles, CA
July 2015 - February 2018

Financial Analyst
Tenet Services, Los Angeles, CA
March 2013 - June 2015



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