Junior Economist Resume

Working as an economist is a tough job. Acquiring appropriate qualifications is not enough. Gaining practical experience is highly significant too for this profile. One needs to start his career by handling smaller functions before taking charge of major responsibilities. Hence, if you want to pursue this career further, it would be wise if you take up a job as a junior economist and gather sufficient work experience. You can use the given junior economist resume for this purpose. Feel free to tweak the information as required.

Economy refers to the market where business takes place. It is subject to severe highs and lows, as per the changes the happen in the demand and supply ratio. These changes spell doom for organizations since these changes tend to affect the sales directly. Hence, organizations appoint economists to read the prevailing and future conditions, and suggest steps that the organization must take to avert losses. An economist has expert knowledge in finance, economics and statistics along with sharp analytical skills. He uses this knowledge to perform financial planning, market forecasting, strategy making, etc., for purpose of marketing and budget planning. Forecasting is the chief responsibility of an economist. Observing the behavior of the market, interpreting the conditions and deciphering the changes that are about to happen are some of his key responsibilities. Economists are important in an organization since they help to strengthen the financial status of the organization and resolve the economic issues.

Junior Economist Resume

Mary Jones
Address: 36S, Privet Drive, Charlotte, CA 30012
Contact Number: 877 - 060 - 8978
Email Id: maryjones@example.com

Career Objective

To obtain the position of a junior economist and provide an insight to the organization into the behavior of the financial markets and the changing trends of economies worldwide while getting a chance to learn from the industry experts

Key Skills

Work Experience

Junior Economist
Charlotte Corporation
September 2010 - till date

Trainee Economist
Charlotte Corporation
November 2009 - August 2010

Educational Qualifications

Extracurricular Activities


Michelle Robertson
Head Economist
Charlotte Corporation
655 - 231 - 7987

Organizations rarely employ economists on full time basis but prefer to approach them for consultation occasionally. Most of them are known by name of financial advisors or financial analysts. Most economists are recruited by government agencies working at local, state or federal level. Hence, for the purpose of this resume too, we have presented the profile of an economist working with the local government. We hope you find this junior economist resume useful in your career.

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