Mortgage Underwriter Resume

Mortgage Underwriters evaluate a mortgage loan application and recommend if the loan can be approved. They verify the employment and income information, valuate the borrower's collateral(s), and review his credit history before deciding. They work for financial institutions and mortgage companies and require a bachelor's or associate degree in business, finance or a related field. Mortgage underwriters should be familiar with mortgage laws, and possess communication skills needed for customer service and the ability to audit, analyze, and research. The candidate in this resume has an arts degree in accounting with wide experience ranging from mortgage underwriter to compliance administrator.

Sample Mortgage Underwriter Resume

Fidel Rogers
736 N Main Street,
Convers, GA 30012
Telephone No: 770-482-1029
Email id:

Career Objective

Make use of systematic communication and language skills in a financial organization or funding institution.

Academic Background

Computer Programming Skills

Professional Excellence Summary

Professional Background

Since 2000 working as an Underwriter in the Finn Mortgages, Convers, GA and is responsible for the following:

From 1995 worked as an Assistant Underwriter was responsible for the following:

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