Sample Fire Resume

Firefighters are rescuers who respond to emergency calls and use effective methods to tackle the problems in grave situations. Along with the team, these professionals reach the spot ASAP, and carry out rescue operations without bothering about their lives. They use various tools and equipment to protect the lives and damages to the property. To work in this profile, you need to have a strong and robust physique to carry out the high-risk tasks. Along with this, you must also draft a concise resume to prove your prowess. This document must speak about your valor, fearless attitude, and ability to handle emergencies with quick decision-making power. It should also reflect your firefighting skills, relevant traits, and educational background. Take cue from our sample and create your own customized resume for a post in this field.

Sample Fire Resume

Samuel G. Riddick
2810 Lost Creek Road
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 610-810-6490
Email: samuel.riddick@manymail.como

Job Objective:

Dedicated, experienced, and certified fire-fighting professional, seeking a senior position with the 'ABC Fire Station' to use my extensive background in addressing emergencies, preventing damages and saving lives.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Assistant Fire Chief
Larson Fire Department, Philadelphia, PA
August 2016 – Present

Larson Fire Department, Philadelphia, PA
April 2014 – July 2016

Denali Universal Services, Philadelphia, PA
November 2012 – March 2014

Probationary Firefighter
Denali Universal Services, Piladelphia, PA
August 2011 – October 2012

Education: Certifications: Training/Coursework: Reference:

On request.

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