Chemical Dependency Counselor Resume

Chemical dependency is more a disease than a general habit. A person suffering from it can clearly distinguish the consequences of the disease from others.

Nowadays it has become mandatory across the states for a person to hold a valid license, to start his/her counseling practice. Such professional counselors are commonly known as LCDC (Licensed chemical dependency counselor).

Following is a sample resume for you reference.

Sample Chemical Dependency Counselor Resume

Gloria Parker
456 X Street, Y Avenue
Philadelphia PA-19106
(123) 456-7890

Career Objective : To seek the position of a chemical dependency counselor at a renowned rehabilitation center

Summary of Qualifications:

  1. Hold valid license for chemical dependency counseling(LCDC)
  2. Perfect knowledge of the job profile and its general practices
  3. Extensive work experience as a chemical dependency counselor
  4. Great problem solving nature with immense sympathy towards the client
  5. Huge information about the related fields such as human psychology, law, health science, etc
  6. Excellent communication with great fluency
  7. Good listening skills and analytical aptitude
  8. Vast exposure to various aspects of the CDC profile through numerous and varied counseling cases

Professional Experience :
XYZ Rehabilitation Center, Philadelphia, PA (2006-Present)
Chemical Dependency Counselor

  1. Forming a team of the clients suffering from chemical dependency
  2. Studying the case histories in detail
  3. Encouraging the patients for treatments by conveying the treatment details to them
  4. Assisting the patients with their social and financial life
  5. Monitoring the consistent case progress of the patients individually

MNC Counselors, Philadelphia, PA(2004-2006)
Chemical Dependency Counselor

  1. Interviewed the clients or their family members to understand the exact nature and criticalness of the case under consideration
  2. Examined the case history and the previous reports in detail
  3. Counseled the patient with the help of some cured cases
  4. Encouraged the patient with periodic and repetitive counseling

Academic education:

  1. Graduated in Criminal psychology from Pennsylvania State University, Philadelphia, PA (2003)
  2. Secured associate degree in Chemical dependency and substance abuse counseling from Pennsylvania State University, Philadelphia, PA (2004)

Extra Curricular:

  1. An active member of a local rehabilitation society, which works voluntarily for helping drug addicted people in overcoming their habits

References : Will be available on request

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