Endodontist Resume

An Edodontist is a dental specialist. He deals with root canal therapies and oder to become an Edodontist, an individual needs to complete four years of dental school along with two or more specialty-training certificate. He creates the missing portion of tooth. The candidate in the profile has served as a dentist and endodontist in different clinics. His roles include, examining, diagnosing, and treating diseases of dental pulps, evaluating findings and prescribing methods of treatments to prevent loss of tooth. To maintain good relationships with professional groups, to treat infected root canals, and to blench discolored teeth are his other job responsibilities.

Sample Endodontist Resume

Peter Pollock
658, Morris Avenue
Albany, NY-34556
Phone: 345-555-998

Career Profile:
To gain a reputed position as an Endodontist where my extensive knowledge of treating inner parts and anatomy of teeth will be utilized in treating complex dental problems.

Professional strengths:

Educational Summary and Certifications:

Professional Experience: Sunrise Dental Clinic, State
20XX till date

Alba Dental Hospital, Georgina
20XX to 20XX

Areas of Interest:

Personal Details:

Will be available upon request

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