Health Worker Resume

Health workers provide basic health care for patients and offers educational materials and health promotion incentives. They do basic or primary duties such as recording blood pressure, noting condition, progress and problems in patient, providing them medicine on time under direction of patient and many more.

Seniors carry out duties of management levels where they manage discharge of patients, management of drugs and injection as per need or in emergency cases. They plans to implements and conducts annual flu vaccine program. They are responsible for various other types of duties.

Sample Health Worker Resume

Elizabeth Anderson
1229, West 68 Street
Carlisle, UA 08391
(165)-463 8490 Objective: I having excellent experience of working in medical field. But now looking for an excellent opportunity where I will enhance my skills and knowledge by giving better service.

Work History


Work Experience:

Some Healthcare Company, Edmond
Worked as Junior Nurse


Central City Hospital, Edmond
Worked as Nursing Aide


Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, New York University

License: State level nursing license

Languages I Speak: English, Spanish, Italian and French.

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