Public Health Resume

The person working in the field of public health is responsible for providing medical and psychological support to the patients. They work together with other professionals to evaluate the medical and psychological condition of patient. They provide consultation to patients and clients to recover their illness and other health problems.

They do research or studies to find out new ways to modify treatment plans. They are responsible for recording, monitoring and evaluating the progress of client. If the candidate is working as manager then they direct and supervise other workers or staff providing healthcare services.

Sample Public Health Resume

John Anderson
1734, West 83 Street
Carlisle, TF 17241
(223)-673 8360 Objective: Seeking for a position in public health to brief out my knowledge and experience in the field of public health.

Software Skills:

Previous work summary

Public Health Services, New York
Assistant Manager

Minneapolis State University
Worked as Public Health Lecturer


Master's Degree in Public Health, New York University

Academic Scholarship
Gold Medal at Graduation

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