Entry Level Help Desk Resume

Entry-level Help Desk professionals are found in various industries and offer technical support to customers or users. Their daily duties involve answering phone calls, responding to emails, identifying and troubleshooting issues related to computer systems, hardware and software, handling and resolving customers issues and complaints, following companies' procedures, writing training manuals, maintaining performance of computer systems, etc. Common skills listed in an entry-level help desk resume are problem-solving, communication, customer-service and various technical skills. As an entry-level candidate, you might have a resume with less or no experience at all, so highlight the relevant education (bachelor's or associate degree in computer or related field) in your resume. To get a clear understanding of drafting an effective entry-level help desk resume, consider the below given sample resume:-

Sample Entry Level Help Desk Resume

Cathy A. Smith
2233 Tensile Bridge
Cambridge, MA, 02114
Phone No: 617-736-6723
Email: cathysmith@anymail.com

Job Objective:

Seeking a job for an Entry-level Help Desk position with Mitchell International Inc. where I can make the best use of my problem-solving, customer-service and communication skills, and experience in identifying, researching and resolving various technical issues to provide support to end users and increase organization's growth.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Entry-level Help Desk Assistant
MSYS Technologies, Cambridge, MS
October 2016 - Present


Help Desk Trainee
Merlin Global Services, Cambridge, MS
January 2015 - September 2016

Education: Certifications: Reference:

On request.

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