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One of the main reasons why people are not content with the job of a baker is because they are not able to get the job they aspire for and are forced to choose whatever job they get. Such situations bring their career to a standstill. This happens not because they are under-qualified or are not able to execute the job duties efficiently. The main reason behind this crippling situation is the absence of a perfect chief baker resume. Employers do not entertain applicants who do not send a well furnished resume, because they do not have any other source of collecting the information about the applicant. Therefore, getting yourself noticed is possible when along with your cover letter, you send a well written resume for the reference of the recruiter.

A chief baker is the one who handles a team of bakers and assigns them duties according to their expertise. In every bakery, a large number of people purchase products on a daily basis. The chief baker has to keep in mind the demand of the public and help the procurement staff by providing the daily requirements of raw materials. Alternately, the chief baker may directly handle the purchase of raw materials and maintain adequate stocks to keep the bakery running. The chief baker is involved in experimenting with the available raw materials to develop new recipes for bakery products.

You all know what you need to write in the chief baker resume. However, the way you put in the information makes a lot of difference. First, you need to understand that you have the power of words and to use this power in a positive manner, you need to understand what an employer would think of the information you put in the resume. Using a simple language and a comprehensive format will ensure that the message you wish to send to the employer is perceived the way it should be.

Read the sample resume and you will learn what it takes to make your resume unique, informative, error free, and effective.

Sample Resume

Jonathan C. Stanley
C-12, Kubrick Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 20438

Career Objective

I want to work as a chief baker in a bakery that gets benefited by my widespread experience in this profession.

Career Summary

I have worked with three topmost bakeries in Detroit, Portland, and Philadelphia. I started my career with the position of a Bakery Assistant and gradually climbed vertically on the ladder of hierarchy by displaying excellent performance and creative outputs.

Details of Work Experience

Chief Baker at Anytime Bakery
Working since January 2001

Job Responsibilities

Senior Baker at Uptown Bakers
Worked from August 1993 to December 2000

Job Responsibilities

Assistant Baker at Rhonda Bakers
Worked from March 1986 to July 1993

Job Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications

Associate Degree in Bakery Management, 1985

High School Diploma, 1983


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To make a personalized chief baker resume, just make the requisite changes in the above given sample and send it to the employer.

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