Chief Steward Resume

Chief steward resume is one of the primary reasons why people fail to make it to the interview. Confused? Well, this situation occurs because people take their resume for granted, and this subsequently makes the employer take such applicants for granted. These applicants believe that writing a resume is not as important as preparing for the interview or wearing the right dress for the interview. Thus, it is feasible to learn how to prepare a resume, before you lose an opportunity that you always dreamt of.

A chief steward is assigned with the task of handling all the staff working in the dining area, kitchen, and storeroom. He/she instructs the staff and supervises their work to ensure that the orders of the customers are prepared and served in a reasonable time frame and high standards of quality and hygiene are maintained in all the areas. This results in the customers leaving the place with a memorable experience that will induce them to visit the place again. A chief steward usually holds many years of experience in the hospitality industry combined with an associate or advanced degree in hospitality management.

A resume drafted for the position of a chief steward should carry accurate and relevant information, so that the employer gets a clear idea about your proficiency with the tasks assigned to a person working in this position. Unless you break down the information into small, meaningful, and grammatically and factually correct sentences, you won't be able to convey the information to the employer. The employer is busy, and it would be a sin to consume much of his/her time by making him/her read a lengthy resume. See the sample resume that we have provided below for your reference, and you will understand how you need to draft your resume to make it work.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Peter J. Bernard
1921 Seneca Drive
Austin, Texas 38405

Career Objective

To fulfill my passion of working in the hospitality industry and executing the job duties responsibly in order to contribute in the accomplishment of organizational goals and for self development as well

Professional Strengths

Details of Work Experience

Designation: Chief Steward
Organization: Vicious Delicious Cafe
Duration: November 2003 to present

Job Duties

Designation: Chief Steward
Organization: Cowboy Cafe
Duration: July 1997 to October 2003

Job Duties

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management
Texas University

High School Diploma
Crest High School


Available on request

The sample of chief steward resume highlights what an employer needs to know in order to learn about the qualifications of an individual for this position. A resume drafted in this format will ensure that you get selected for the interview.

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