Greeter Resume

A Greeter is an obscure profession, yet one without which the guests cannot feel at home. He is the person for whom, communication skills are especially important, because without those, combined with a cheerful persona and, he cannot hope to succeed in the vocation. He gives the guest information about the layout of the building he is working in. Greeting is not mere smiling or speaking well with the guests. It goes well beyond that. The body language of the greeter itself must be welcoming and make the person feel comfortable. This sample resume is of such a greeter who wants to work in an even better organization to further his career.

Sample Greeter Resume

Mathew Richardson
49, North 21 Street
Clinton, NY
(095)-495 1648 Objective:

To annex the position of a greeter in an even better organization than the one I am working in at present.


Professional Experience:

Greeter, New Horizon Club, Clinton, NY

Responsibilities as a greeter include greet and welcome members to the facilities. Escort them to the parking lot when they exit. Assist members with concern and questions. Responsible for the communication between customer service and management. Direct them to the exit booth. Thank customers and members for coming and their business. Provide vehicle on request and perform other customer services duties.

Greeter Trainee, New Horizon Club, Clinton, NY

Responsibilities include greet the customers and member. Escort them and provide vehicles if required. Direct them to the exit booth. Perform assign other customer services.


High School Diploma in Hospitality
Maryland College, New York


Mr. Patrick Strafford
New Horizon Club, Clinton, NY

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