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Every line cook, whether a fresher or experienced, wants to work with his or her dream restaurant. If you also wish the same, then you have to hone your writing skills for drafting a compelling line cook resume. Through the resume, you can let the employers know your intent and why they should trust you for handling kitchen duties. If you can write it in a professional manner, it will help you leave your marks in the culinary world. Here is how you can make it possible.

Tips to write a line cook resume

Before starting to write the resume, it's necessary to understand the skills, qualities, and experience the employer wants. This kind of information can be grasped through the posted job description. This in turn will help you to target the employer's needs and make the resume relevant to the job position. Further, you can narrate your past experience and responsibilities the way the employer wants to read. In short, how you can help the restaurant achieve success through your culinary experience needs to be demonstrated through the resume. Try to project yourself as an efficient cook, customer-oriented, and experienced in kitchen management.

Skills and qualities to include in a line cook resume

Though line cooks are hired to provide support to the chef for handling the kitchen station, they contribute a lot to the success of the restaurant business. That's why restaurants want you to hold exceptional culinary, communication, time management, and listening skills. Show how good you're in handling the kitchen duties, preparing and arranging food as per the chef's instructions and standards of the restaurant. In addition, make the employers confident about your knowledge of the menu, cooking techniques, food handling, sanitation standards, safety, and cleanliness.

Line Cook Resume Sample

Brian A. Mateo
4225 Gateway Road
Tigard, OR 97223
Phone: 503-309-0456

Professional Summary

Talented, and enthusiastic line cook with more than 7+ years of experience in managing kitchen stations and following recipe standards of restaurants. Highly committed to cleanliness, sanitations, and safety in food handling. Demonstrated ability to work with all types of equipment and tools for food preparation. Exceptional skills in gathering items before food preparation and assisting the chef. Strong passion for cooking and customer service with experience in preparing ethic and continental cuisines.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Line Cook
Skyline Restaurant, Tigard, OR
July 2018 - Present

Line Cook
Delight Dining, Tigard, OR
March 2015 - June 2018

Line Cook
Delight Dining, Tigard, OR
June 2012 - May 2015


Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Science
ABC Community College, Tigard, OR


Food Preparing and Handling
ABC Community College, Tigard, OR


On request.

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