Restaurant Worker Resume

There are various positions under restaurant worker such as chef, stewards, cook, dishwasher, grill room assistant, front desk clerk and many more. Their duties vary with the position they are working for. Chefs and cooks are responsible for cooking food, desk clerk performs duties regarding to safety and security of food, clerical duties and solves problems of customers. Dishwasher cleans all the food preparing equipment and keeps the working area clean and neat.

Sample Restaurant Worker Resume

Richard Waugh,
6382, South 42 Street,
Tarrytown, RA 01827,
(625)-813 9303. Objective: In search of a position of restaurant worker where I can use my related skills for better service.


Previous Work Experience:

Some Restaurant, New Jersey, NY
Worked as Grill Room Assistant


Pleasure Restaurant, Tarrytown, NY
Worked as Front Desk Clerk


Education Summary:
Certified Food Handler, New York University, NY
High School Diploma, New Jersey, NY

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